MobiSecret FAQs

Q: What kind of problems can MobiSecret deal with?

A: MobiSecret recovers and analyses all call history, SMS and WhatsApp on iPhone through physical connection and iTunes backup. You can use it whenever you want to know who, when, what, how long or how often the iPhone contacted.

Q: Do I need to enter password before scanning the phone?

A: You will have to enter password of the phone once after it’s powered on.

Q: Why did MobiSecret ask for iTunes backup password when scanning the phone?

A: If you set password when backing up this iOS device with iTunes, the iTunes will save the password to your device as well. When accessing the database on this device, MobiSecret needs to get the privilege to read the data. So it is necessary to input the password used for iTunes backup to continue the recovery.

Q: Why can’t I run MobiSecret after installation?

A: Please check if you have installed iTunes on the computer or if it is installed correctly. MobiSecret needs to use the services of iTunes to read data from iOS devices and iTunes backup.

Q: Why is the iPhone not detected by MobiSecret?

A: MobiSecret needs the iOS drivers to recognize the iPhone and the drivers are included in iTunes. If you have installed iTunes but the iOS device cannot be detected, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download latest version of iTunes to replace the old one
  2. Close other applications including antivirus and firewall
  3. Unplug the device and reconnect it
  4. Restart MobiSecret
  5. Click "Trust" button when "Trust the currently connected computer?" shows on your device;

If the device still cannot be recognized, try the following methods:

  • Make sure the iOS device can be detected correctly by iTunes.
  • Unlock the device or disable auto-lock function of it.
  • Connect the device to computer directly instead of USB hub.
  • Change a different USB cable.
  • Check if the device can be recognized by another computer.